About Us

The Pavers Cave was established in 2020 by Tim Shields to serve professional tiling, landscaping, and building professionals throughout the UK and Ireland.

Based in Hillsborough, Co Down, Northern Ireland, The Pavers Cave are mainly Irish distributors for Raimondi, Rubi, Probst, Sika/Parex, FugaPave, Grabo, Husqvarna to name a few.

We stock a comprehensive range of products, including:

• Wet saws, tile saws, bridge saws, brick saws and stone cutting
• Bullnose machines
• Mitre saws
• Diamond saw blades
• Mechanical fixing tools
• Bench drills and hole cutting machines
• Diamond drill bits
• Diamond wheels
• Electric mixers for grout and thin spread compounds
• Floor preparation machines such as the Maxititina and Ipertitina
• Electric sponge machines such as the BERTA
• Washboys
• Sponges, floats, and grouting tools
• A large variety of trowels
• Various special tools to make life easier
• Market-leading VITE levelling system
• Spacers of all shapes and sizes
• Large slab and very large tile handling equipment
• Side tables, specialist workbenches with a large variety of attachments
• TTPS cleaning & maintenance machines & chemicals.